UIS 6.0

We are happy to announce the release of version 6.0 of the Ultra Internet Solution. While there are many familiar features to this release, there are some pretty cool additions that we highlight in this short video.

If you prefer to read about the updates, here are the big ones:

    • The horizontal navigation is now a template (TPL) variable. This means you can now place the navigation in any section that you’d like it to appear. On one page you can have it in the logo section and the next you can place it in the horizontal section. The navigation takes up as much room as is allotted to it based on the placement.
    • 6.0 comes equipped with the ability to check for and make system/platform updates so whether we issue small enhancements or major updates, with the click of a button, the superadmin can update the site to the latest version.
    • A Content Rotator zone can now be placed as a background image on a page. This creates a rotating graphic website background.
    • You can now import tax rates by zip code via a CSV file into the shopping cart
    • Security change – in order to access the admin panel of a UIS 6.0 you add /programm to the domain name instead of the traditional /admin
    • Number of pre-loaded Google fonts has been reduced from 60 to 10 to speed up loading time.

For a full list of changes in the 6.0, download this PDF.

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