​I love your products

I love your product(s)…Once people see them in action they wanna do business with me. I am learning so much about “web stuff” (as we printers call it) and it is exciting. Thanks for walking new dealers like myself through some of these early projects.

Any Idiot Can Sell Websites!
How do I know? – because I just sold one.

The water company prospect that I previously reported about from our first issue of the one mile mailer is the same contact that purchased a website.

The sales process was the same as printing with a few minor things that I have never done before;

The very first question I asked at the first meeting was as Bob taught us – “What is your budget for this project?” She laughed and said “no more that $500.” I then asked her “would there be a serious problem if the cost would be $1,000.” She replied “No not really”

All the way through I went with confidence and never let on that this was our first one. In fact I searched ProFusion and they did have one for Culligan water. So I told her that our team did a website for a major water company in North West USA. (that sounds big to a Canadian)

The last thing I did for the first time was to ask for 1/2 payment in advance and the last 1/2 before it goes live. I explained that producing websites was different than anything else as people will procrastinate and make changes if they don’t have to pay. Her reply was sure, “just get me an invoice and I will pay you immediately”

Now – go sell one and report back to me!

Definitely the way to go
I sold my first website yesterday. It’s gonna be a nice order. We will do all the initial design (of the site), some nice design on the pages, and then we will charge an ongoing fee to keep it fresh and updated. This is my new business model.

Not individual job orders (the vast majority of our work)

Not even campaigns(although this is moving in the right direction)

But ongoing retainer-type charges.

We are a LONG way from where we need to be, but we are starting. I can’t speak highly enough of the folks at ProFusion. We couldn’t have done this without them, their products, and their support. If you are gonna offer websites, I think they are definitely the way to go.

Frick’en Awesome
We signed up with ProFusion, “Patrice and Bob” they are frick’en awesome, so far have 3 sites sold, just starting to work them up. Have meeting on second site today, I tell ya, it’s a lot easier to talk websites than printing, which leads back to printing.

More Support
I must say that the information you and Bob provided on the slides was a really solid foundation for anyone thinking about marketing the ProFusion product. I also feel that the Dealer resources is extremely well done and organized, and offers more support to dealers than most other organizations of your type. Thanks a bunch. Though I was originally with another company and chose not to continue with them, I will stay with ProFusion for the great support you’ve always given me and my clients over the years. I look forward to expanding my role as a dealer and enjoying my relationship with your whole team.

I can’t imagine what anyone would want in a website that the packages can’t produce.

If you have been wondering how to serve your customers’ demand for internet related services… and cash-in… I encourage you to take a good look at ProFusion.

I signed on the dotted line today… after my graphic designer and I spend an hour a day for 5-days going through the basic training. I am amazed by the capabilities the package offers — without requiring computer skills beyond basic Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office type skills — NO HTML NECESSARY.

We soon will be offering websites to all those particularly smaller customers (still without a website because they either didn’t know how to get there or thought they couldn’t afford it) for whom we already manage their content and graphics for printing. Plus upgrading others with old and limiting sites. We are already working on a new site for our company (which will transparently link to MOD for special printer upload and catalog features) and a mini-site for our Volunteer Fire Department Fundraising Program (Both free as a part of the dealer package). Then we will go after customers.

I can’t imagine what anyone would want in a website that the package can’t produce — lots of reasonably priced deluxe feature add-ons, including PURLS, Email Marketing, Shopping Carts and much more. Unsolicited!