Step-by-Step Overview

You may be nodding now and understanding that the Profusion Dealer program allows you to make money by selling more services to your existing client and by taking on new clients. But let's go down to the nitty gritty, how does it works?

  1. Step 1 will always be training and support. ProFusion offers many different training methods to help you learn about selling and fulfilling web solutions. Once you are comfortable with the process you will see sales opportunities around every corner.
  2. Step 2 is sales. You talk to and sell a web solution to a client. This may require some back and forth with the fine staff at ProFusion, especially with your first few sales. We are available to be on conference calls to help you understand the scope of the project or just as a sounding board to make sure you have all your bases covered. Our extensive dealer library will give you sample estimate templates, sales videos, example sites, and more. Once you have the deposit in hand (that’s right, you get 1/2 down up front!) for your new project, you then go to the dealer website and login to place your order
  3. Step 3 is the build out phase. If the order is placed before 4pm PST, the order will be fulfilled the same day. If after 4pm the order will be filled next day. And by “filled” we mean that you will receive the username and password to the web application (WordPress or our site builder tools) that you ordered. At this point, you can:
  • Option A – Do the design work on the application in house on what we call a “Rapid Deploy” Application. On a Rapid Deploy your in-house graphic artist can create a great looking website using the tools provided on our proprietary web solutions or using a theme on a WordPress site.
  • Option B – Select a design from one of our templates or existing themes. Templates can be ordered (free of charge) and modified by your graphic artist to reflect the look/feel your client is requesting. ProFusion then takes the finished template, and integrates it in with our content management system or with WordPress.
  • Option C – Create the design in-house in PhotoShop and have us integrate your design into the selected web application.
  • Option D – Outsource the design work to ProFusion. If you simply don’t have the time or the expertise, a custom created design can be created by the graphic artists at ProFusion. Design packages start as low as $60.