Site Design: Thinking Outside the Box


A client wanted a site that was a challenge to build in the UIS. Take for instance The client wanted a large background image with rotating images with a content block to the right, and content blocks below. The goal is to create the site in such a manner as to not have to customize the application preventing the site from being able to be upgraded without added cost.
Careful examination shows that the normal Logo section, Navigation and Header section backgrounds extend beyond the default 1000 pixel width of the UIS. A preview of the Inner pages also shows that though similar, the top background sections are different from the Home page layout.
Because both the Vertical Section page and the Main Content Section have built-in padding top, bottom, left and right and because we wanted to have the left and right column heading align, we chose to build this using the Header Section page as the main content section for this site.
The main content section is enabled, but not used on the Home page layout. Though this poses not real problem in layout, it does cause issues with the Mobisponsive functions as there is no main content to optimize.The finished integrated design looks like this:

Sections used include Logo, Header, Vertical Column for spacing, and Footer Section page. Mobisponsive functions worked great for all internal images except for the Contact Us page which used a Google Map in a Frame. We needed to adjust the Contact Us mobile page manually to reduce the map to a fixed width less than 320 pixels being called from Google upon page loading.
The HOME page, however had no content in the Main content section to be able to Mobisponsive optimize. To “fool” the system we copied the HTML code from the Header section into the Main content, saved and optimized. Then we went back and deleted the HTML content from the main section. This means that both the Contact Us and Home page mobile pages will need to be manually updated when changes are made to these pages in the future, but with no customizations, the site will be able to be updated with future releases without any issues, manual upgrade charges or additional customization fees added back after the upgrade.