We try to make this program as simple as possible. But we know that offering web solutions is still a shift in thinking for a lot of printers. On the pages below, you’ll find lots of information about what kind of training and support you can expect (lots), what kind of ROI (lots and lots), and just how easy it can be to add these new services. So to learn more about our program, please visit:

Program Basics

What are web services? Why should printers add these services? The answers to these questions and a nice little video can be found on the program basics page

Step-by-step Overview

Ok, so you get the idea of adding in these services but how do you fulfill on them exactly? Take a look at the step-by-step page to see the different levels of involvement

Expectations & ROI

What do I get if I become a ProFusion dealer? What kind of money can I expect to make? The ROI page will break down the costs and the profits from a typical sale.

Request a Demo

What is a demo? Well a demo can be one of two things. You can either request your own website to play around with for 30 days, or you can request a video demonstration on how our program works.


This isn’t our first rodeo. With over 6,500 website launches (and more every day) we know a lot about this industry. Read what our dealers have to say about what we sell and what type of support we offer.


You still may have questions. Some of the most frequently asked ones can be found on the FAQ page. Obviously, if you still have questions, we encourage you to contact us. We don’t bite.