Marketing Bundle

Printers are masters at fulfilling the marketing needs of others, but often fall short when it comes time to marketing their own services. Our marketing bundle will help:

    • automate consistent communication – stay top of mind with our weekly marketing messages. We send these messages on your behalf (from your email address to your email list) on a weekly basis. You don’t have to write the message, design it or schedule time to send it. We’ll handle all of it for you. The result is a highly targeted message that is communicated regularly to your clients and prospects.
    • engage customers – many of our dealers send printed invoices on a regular basis. We create monthly invoice stuffers that you can customize and print to be included with the invoices. These little “did you know?” stuffers will get your customers thinking about the other services that you provide and help remind them to choose you when they need additional services!

Need some help marketing your web services? We’ve got you covered with our Marketing Bundle!

The ProFusion Marketing Bundle can be added to any ProFusion Dealer package and is included in the Platinum package. The Marketing Bundle consists of:

    • weekly marketing messages – sent on your behalf to your email marketing list (alternatively, you can send them. We’ll provide you the text, you can do the rest)
    • 2 blog posts – posted directly to your blog
    • monthly invoice stuffer piece – editable for you to add to the invoices you send on a regular basis

The marketing bundle may be added to any dealer level for $50 per month. The bundle is included in the Platinum Dealership. If you would like to upgrade your dealer level or become a ProFusion Dealer, please contact us

Example Weekly Marketing Message

Example Invoice Stuffer