Working Together To Grow Your Business
The addition of web solutions can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line without expensive overhead or staff.
Simple Effective Solutions
Every web solution is custom designed and created for your client's specific needs.

Sell and Fulfill Websites Profitably with the ProFusion Dealer Program

The ProFusion Dealer Program was specifically created to help Print Shops sell and fulfill websites and solutions profitably. You may not be a web expert, you may not have technical expertise, you may not have a web-guru on staff… but we do, and we use our 20+ years of experience in print and web to help you sell web solutions and make money doing so.

Every business needs a website. Which is why every printer should be selling web services.

It’s pretty hard to do business without a website. While most people know a little about the web, very few know enough to design their own site. That’s why web designers, graphic artists and hosting companies are in such great demand. It’s a service everyone’s got to have.
We’ll show you how to do it profitably.

Re-Engage Past Clients

Your clients know that you do printing. talking them to about something new opens the door to additional services & more print projects.

Reliable Revenue System

Unlike print projects, web projects often have recurring maintenance & hosting fees. create a consistent, reliable revenue stream with website sales.

Reach New Markets

Offering new products and services can help you tab into markets that you haven’t been able to before not only with websites but with printing too!


Decide which level of the ProFusion Dealer program is right for you. View dealer levels.


Engage in our easy training and support program to get up to speed on this new industry.


Start talking, share your new business venture with old clients and become their single source marketing provider.